The Propylaeum Historic Foundation, Inc.

Membership offers the opportunity to establish and maintain friendships & create memories along with being a part of the restoration of a historic Indianapolis landmark.  

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Special Privileges of Membership  Categories and Fees

Active Memberships— have full benefits including 30% room discounts for private events, may join all existing interest groups (Investment, Book, Heritage, Knit-Wits, Bridge, Bible Study, Genealogy, Euchre and the opportunity to form new member only groups),  volunteer activities (PROPerly Chic Style Show & Brunch Event, Salon Society concert and dinner, May Wright Sewall Leadership Award dinner, Talbot Street Weekend Parking, etc.) and outreach activities (Center of Inquiry IPS School 27 Reading Program, Youth and Adult Etiquette Programs, Teacher’s Treasures), receive monthly bulletin,  have docent  and hostess opportunities, rent at current rates, overnight guest rooms for friends and family and carry a monthly account.

Single:     $60 billed monthly

Couples:   $75 billed monthly

Affiliate Memberships— may attend all Propylaeum  activities  and pay appropriate fees at time of service

Student:   $100 yearly- pay semi-annually- must be under age 26

Contributing:  $132 yearly-pay $33 quarterly + 30 hrs. + $48 per interest group annually

Supporting: $120 yearly- pay annually

Sustaining:   $500 yearly-pay annually

May Wright Sewall Society:  $1200 or more/yearly

Corporate memberships available. Please contact the Propylaeum office 317.638.7881, option #5

The Propylaeum Historic Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) public non profit corporation established in 2013. A portion of all membership fees is tax deductible provided by law.  Members should  always check with their tax adviser for verification.

If you have any questions, please call our office: 317.638.7881